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So ET have Slashdot like Karma?

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  1. No ET is fine as it is...

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  2. Yes please get rid of the noise...

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  1. I am new to Elitetrader. And have been posting a few responses. But I am an old hat at Slashdot.

    One of the things that some complain about on ET is the fact there is noise. So I was wondering, what if ET were to support Slashdot type Karma.

    Essentially what happens is that all Slashdot content can be reviewed and rated. But the trick is that reviewing is a privilege, and is reviewed. So you have the reviewers and you have the reviewers of the reviewers.

    The end result is that Slashdot has quite a bit less noise and more intelligent discussions.

    Could ET implement this?

    So folks, what do you think?
  2. I don't know much about it, but it sounds cool from what you say. Unfortunately, it is not possible with the current software version of the board from my knowledge of this version.
  3. That's too bad...
  4. And based on the Broker section and other reviews, ET is defenseless when someone decides to post 3-5 reviews of the same. People review their own books. It has taken others to notice this and try to get ET to clean it up.

    We have one: cold/c-kid/Jasonn/etc who has over 80 aliases here and ET has been unable to stop the generation of new aliases.

    Amazon and other review sites get all sorts of shill reviews and authors getting negative reviews removed.
  5. maxpi


    I'm not so sure you need any official reviewers. If the site could generate a database of how many people have any one user on ignore it would be a useful tool. If we could then set our account to not view posts by the users in the database that are ignored the most, and we could choose the level, like worst 10, 100, whatever number we chose.. we could all tweak our view of the site regarding signal to noise...

    The database would have to do that on a forum by forum basis, have a different database for each forum, if I put somebody on ignore while reading their post in politics then maybe their score would have to only apply to the politics section... and maybe we could choose more than just the level of ignore, but we could decide to have our view tweaked on a forum by forum basis or an overall basis...