Slander and Fraud concerning my Account

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  1. To the administrators :

    Recent activity on your site has included significant slanderous activity involving my posts. For example, quoting out of context,
    and embelleshing what has been said to distort my message. As of today, several posters have attacked me personally including death threats and overall libelous content.

    This will be stopping today. What I am requesting immediately is the deletion of every single post in my history, and the removal of my account from this site. If you do not do this, I will be consulting a lawyer with respect to sueing your site for character defamation.

    Removal of my posting history is necessary to prevent the ongoing slander approach being used by several posters on this site.

    Please take this request seriously, recent legislation in our country has shown that this kind of online character assassination is illegal and actionable by law.
  2. Nine Ender...let me see if I get this right? You are upset that your anonymous character is being defamed?

  3. whoa, i understand being upset but your real identity is secret, this is only a screen name! there is no way this (potential) lawsuit has any merit?
  4. translated: I am a huge, flaming dildo. Please kill my nick and delete ALL of my posts to remove the overwhelming evidence that I suck at life.
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    Quit bitching. Nobody gives a shit about your posting history, trust me. Can't believe how you gripe in the trading forum.

    Hire a lawyer? LOL!
  7. I think we have a roommate for bearice.
    Delusions of grandeur? Check.
    Crazed threats? Check.

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    If that bothers you, you might consider staying out of the P & R forum.
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    See PM.

  10. Or just leave the site entirely. No one is forcing anyone to come to this site.
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