Slamming Republicans Onto The Concrete

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  1. What a meltdown in July for the Republicans. Runaway Congress pukes up immigration and charges headlong to remove us from Iraq. Bush/Cheney losing what - a Senator a week now?

    McCain explodes and the 3 remaining psychos don't know what to say hanging around the fundamental crowds - the only ones still listening to them.

    These guys think they can win a national election this way?

    The surge failed. Nobody believes the BS Iraq progress report. They can't even find generals to take on the job. Meanwhile unrest spreads through troops being extended and out in rural America - the papers cover one funeral after another and the flag at the post office never goes back to full staff. The only progress I see is they had to rob a bank in Iraq yesterday while Bush was talking - instead of just stealing our money right off the pallets.

    "Not since Watergate, Gingrich said, has the Republican Party been in such desperate shape. "Let me be clear: twenty-eight-per-cent approval of the President, losing every closely contested Senate seat except one, every one that involved an incumbent - that's a collapse. I mean look at the Northeast. You can't be a governing national pary and write off entire regions."

    Said Tom DeLay: "We're having a time of it right now. We don't have a good shot at winning 2008."

    I guess to hell Tom.
  2. The dynamics of it all, you'd think the elections were this Nov. Everyone will be worn out by this time next year and so will the candidates.

    It is not pleasant to open the paper every morning to the mantra "I hate Bush" then turn on the 6 pm news and more of "I hate Bush". I wouldn't let my kids walk around all day repeating "I hate broccoli" day in and day out. This is American intelligentsia?
  3. Even with all this, I continue to think that if the dems put up either Hillary or Obama, they have no shot at the presidency.

    Looks like yet again an election of lessors to choose from...

  4. zzzzzzzzzz,

    Your an outspoken guy, what do you suggest? Save us from hell and damnation, I'm all ears.
  5. Could broccoli get impeached for the type of corruption Bush is accused of?

  6. I would like an adult to run for president, someone who is self actualized and doesn't need to be king or queen...

    I mentioned before I liked Evan Bayh, but he is too bland for America.

    America, which is an alcoholic drug taking society likes the charismatic drama freaks, not the boring get the job done types.

    We are really in a bad way right now. Abraham Lincoln would be too ugly to get is all about the media version of these guys, and how they perform in front of the camera.

    So we get actors as presidents, or dimwits like Bush, or confidence men like Clinton.

    You want a pick for who would actually be a decent president?

    Colin Powell, but he screwed up his life by being a "good soldier."

  7. Thanks.

    "I would like an adult to run for president,..."

    Lol, Obvious and simple I completely missed that but you're right on.
  8. duh.... the media will bring back Gore and parade in a global carbon tax. they have always chosen our candidates, then they try to act like we had a say in it. well.... 08 will be different. can you say blowback?
  9. ZZZ,

    For once we are in agreement. The candidates are depressing. And please, no one suggest Bloomberg. He is even worse.
  10. U.S. News & World Report - 33 minutes ago

    The presidential campaign finance filings for the 2nd quarter are in, and one thing is abundantly clear: the Democrats are, as a whole, vastly outraising their GOP counterparts.
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