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  1. SKYPE, anyone has tried it? Read the story in Fortune, the developers of Kazaa are behind a free software that allows you to make free calls anywhere.
  2. I have been using it for several months. It certainly does not compare to a regular telephone connection (even though their web site claims it is as good as, if not better than a phone connection). However, it has a HUGE advantage over other voice messaging programs (like Yahoo). That is that you can speak "over" one another. Using Yahoo, it is more like using a "walkie-talkie"...only one person can speak at a time...the other(s) need to stay quiet and "wait their turn" to speak.

    I have only used it for international conference calls. (calling within the US is cheap enough to use a regular or cell phone). When using Skype (or Yahoo, or any other internet phone), and having MORE than two people in a call, having the "walkie-talkie" effect makes the think almost useless....waiting your turn to speak is more than makes a free flowing conversation all but impossible. Skype, for the most part, is able to overcome this problem (but not completely....their claims are somewhat exaggerated). But for complaints.

    One thing I suggest if you use it....use a headset! The feedback you get from the computer's speakers back through a microphone is pretty bad. Using a headset (I use a regular pair of "walkman" type headphones) works very well.

    Again, with today's phone rates, it is fairly inexpensive to make overseas calls. But it depends on what country. Most of my calls are to Thailand. Using AT&T's international calling plan, it is only about 11 cents a minute (it was over $2 a minute without signing up for the plan). But because our conference calls are set up in advance, and the calls include two of us in the US, one in Thailand, and one in Western Europe, Skype makes it very easy (as long as we pre-plan our calls, which we do by email).

    Some of the calls I have made have been to Vietnam. Using a regular telephone between the US and Vietnam is, I am pretty sure, quite a bit more expensive than calling Thailand. The price differences between different countries vary greatly.

    Hope this helps.

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    "I have been using it for several months.


    I have only used it for international conference calls."


    February 23, 2004 – Skype launches free conference calling

    Skype today announced the world’s first P2P Internet telephony conference calling feature. Skype conference calling allows up to five friends to chat together on one call. The new feature is very easy to use and like regular Skype calls they are free, unlimited and excellent quality. Making a conference call has never been easier, cheaper or so much fun. The latest version also includes a multiple call hold feature that allows for 16 callers to be simultaneously put on hold by a single user. Download it here now and have fun.
  4. I really want to try this stuff. Is it safe to download this program on a computer I use for trading too or is there an adware that eats up memory and screws everything up ?
  5. I use Skype to talk to a friend in Sweden and it works much better than a telephone. The quality is better and the delay is never greater than 500ms. If you use Skype during peak times, you may occasionally have a word dropped here and there, but it is by no means a show stopper.

    There is also 256 bit encryption on both ends so your communication is more secure than using a cordless phone in your house.