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  1. Had an idea today, likely already done, but maybe you guys can direct me in the right direction or just go along with me if you think its a good idea.

    I always wondered at my prop firm why we werent all connected by microphone. I was wondering if any of you guys who trade would be interested in keeping in contact through Skype to give each other heads ups. This would not only allow us to help each other, but likely make our trades more profitable by combining our knowledge and having more eyes spotting more signals

    I have a couple guys here that would be interested. If anyone else is interested in keeping in contact throughout the trading day, please send me a private message with any ideas, or your Skype information so we can get this together.

    I personally only trade listed NYSE stocks and am a pure tape reader, please provide what you can contribute to The Good Ol Boys Network in your email.

    consistently profitable traders only please.

    How does this sound? any suggestions?
  2. if your "traders" call out picks ... let them tell others if they are opening or closing their positions

    -consistently profitable traders only please.-
  3. people can go join gorrila traders for that.

    If you cant put in a benefit, you dont belong on the line.

  4. Hmmm...Interesting.... this idea goes much further than Skype. It's called a Darknet.... I'm formulating another as we speak of a massive, private, computerized trading framework. I'm going to send you a small present to your PM to understand some of the benefits of such things. Contact me if you are interested....


    "You never know unless you ask"
  5. Babak


    Might want to switch to gizmo. It allows up to 99 people to get on a ceonference call.
  6. how's the link up going, earlybird??

    nice to see you here!

    surfer :D :D
  7. gonna be in FL starting December for two months, so i got 3 hometown boys on the team.
  8. Learner


    Why do you need "a team" to trade?
  9. i dont need a team, i prefer one.
  10. I think consistently profitable traders will end up wraping
    their forehand with your tapes :p
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