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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by fgbl1000, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. fgbl1000



    I am starting this thread for people interested discussing the markets through Skype with various people.

    If you are interested in sharing your Skype ID to chat with other traders, simply put your Skype ID below and the markets you trade. If anyone trades the same markets, simply add each other. I am hoping this will help other traders connect with each other and be a useful aid to everyone's trading.

  2. pm me for my skype, I'm looking to talk to fundamentals as well
  3. wrbtrader


    You want traders to publicly post their Skype ID in this thread. :confused:

    Do you realize that auto-spam-bots from all over the world (scan, cache, roam) discussion forums in search of publicly posted email addresses, skype addresses or any other type of social network contact information for the sole purpose of sending messages to request "add me to your contact list" so that they can spam you including the porn stuff.

    Lets put it this way...why don't you start via being the first one to publicly post your Skype ID and the markets you trade so that folks won't think you're a spammer preparing to illegally use the Skype information.

    Next, if anyone is interested...they'll contact you to determine the merits to your request.

  4. minimal



    I trade the ES. I have been trading for 4 years, both for a firm and myself.

    If anyone would like to chat over Skype, PM me and I will add you on Skype.

  5. my skype id is fx.aarish pls add me
  6. nursebee


    I put out a similar request a few months ago. The only folks that responded were those with a low post count making them suspicious in my book, or those looking to do something entirely different. I trade only equities, from home, try to hold for a bit but would best be identified as a swing trader. I am a chart guy. I would love to share my thoughts on select issues with someone else and use the experience for brutally honest accountability.

    Having said that, such communication need not be much and could end up being too much of a crutch from the real work at hand. I know what I need to do, and what my faults are.
  7. bstay


    anyone trading forex intraday? 15mins charts?