Skype - Anyone using this?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jimmyz, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. jimmyz


    Just found out about Skype and was wondering if anyone has been using this technology?

    What has been the good and bad points of the program.

    Thanks and have a great weekend.
  2. I do not use Skype but I do use Vonage and have been pleased with it.
  3. Maverick74


    What is Vonage?

    I use Skype after someone mentioned it on ET a while back. It works OK but I have noticed that sometimes I guess during peak call times, your calls go out for a second or two. So you'll be in a call and then it will just go out while your in the middle of a sentence for a second or two. For some reason, it depends on the person I'm talking to and the time of the day. Does anyone understand how this technology works and why there are interruptions at certain times and not at others?
  4. Vonage works on the same principle as Skype except that it is a pay service and offers greater quality of service and flexibility. It also offers a complete replacement for your regular phone. I use it at home instead of a traditional phone company and am pleased with it.
  5. rgelite


    Thank you, Burtakus.