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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by bond316, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. bond316


    Hi, was thinking of signing up for the room at Skyline Futures.

    Has anyone heard of Skyline Futures, LLC or tried them? Dan Giovannetti is the one that runs the room I believe.

    His goal each day is 12ticks per symbol. He trades three symbols (ES, EUR, and TF). So in total 36ticks.

  2. One more in a long line of "gee, has anyone heard of this trading system?" from someone with less than 10 posts.

    Funny, this almost never comes from someone with 800 posts...
  3. aja


    I joined for 9 weeks, followed trade recommendations but didn't make any money. Many times 2-3 days in a row won't even call any trades. Hope this helps.
  4. bond316


    So far that seems pretty decent no? I have no idea if he can keep it up but so far thats not least there were no losses. I would take be over a negative any day.

    Someone told me about his "managed" accounts and how he says he gets way more ticks a day because its fully automated with a super high efficiency.

    Not sure what to think...

    Also NonBreedBoy#2, in your original post you mentioned 6 trades but listed 8 which is right?
  5. bond316


    Good point.

    aja, any more details about your experience?
  6. aja


    9 weeks 31 point loss plus subscription fee, free trial was one week, first month $99, second month $595, zero gains and only 5 emini trades in 9 weeks. I was not happy.
  7. THIS should be a big red flag. A good trader takes what the mkts gives them based on their method, not some arbitrary # of ticks.

  8. bond316


    Wow fees were steep. Was that during the summer months? Have you heard anything about the managed accounts? Do you remember if he did well during your free trial week?

    Yeah he doesn't always meet his goals, he'll stop at 6ticks if that's the only trade that triggers his signals.

    Thanks for the responses.
  9. aja


    May 11th to July 15th. Trial week was OK no losses but no where near 12 points per symble. He did talk about managed accounts doing very well but how do I know, he just said so. I won't give my money to a stranger. You can try for a month, now it is only $199 but I won't go back even if it is $1.99.
  10. OTP


    If you are even thinking of signing up with this guy, please do not. I have, and his results are horrible. Almost 50% of the days he traded were losing days. He does not return phone calls or emails. He wants $1500 up front. Please beware.
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