Skylertech C3 Algorithmic Container Solution

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  1. As the number of offered algorithms grow, it becomes harder to differentiate between them. With a generic pool of algorithms, an increasing number of buy side firms and proprietary trading desks are requiring faster, smarter, and most importantly, highly customized trading algorithms to meet their specific trading needs. Skyler’s C3 Algorithmic Container Solution provides a plug’n’play, easy to integrate and impressively fast algorithmic trading framework that can be quickly adapted to address the highly custom needs of next generation trading

    The Skyler C3 Algorithmic Container Solution allows you to:

    Embed custom indicator calculation or algorithms into the data flow
    Run the analytics over real-time and historical views of trade, quote, and order data

    Configure, parameterize, and execute custom algorithms as part of the query execution on a per user basis

    Embed third party libraries for the algorithm execution (e.g. Matlab)

    Run analytics over more data due to the Skyler C3 compression capability

    Speed up overall algorithm execution due to all in-memory processing

    Embed algorithmic container as a shared library into other trading applications

    Rapid prototyping via Python Scripting capabilities

    Comes with in- and output adapters to standard feed, feed handling and messaging infrastructure

    Rapid algorithm development via simulation tools and adapters to direct exchange feeds

    The main benefits for the customer include a significant improvement in algorithmic trading speed and quality while reducing development time and cost.

    Anybody experience with Skyler ?