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  1. Hello,

    wondering if anyone has any stories about how confronting 'demons' or 'fears' in your life has helped your trading psychology / performance.

    This thread is not about skydiving, but more about conquering issues that tend to seep into your trading.

    We all know that trading is all about trusting yourself and sticking to your successful trading plan. However, I wonder how effective one can be at this if they have similar problems outside of trading that they choose not to conquer.

    Has anyone done this? Revolutionize your life, and in turn, take your trading to that next level?
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    Hmmm...I used to not like tomatoes on my hamburger. I'm not sure if conquering this contributed to my trading in any positive way though.
  3. I agree for the most part. If everyday fears (fear of approaching women, fear of public speaking, etc...) pervade your daily life and you never confront those fears, I could see how it will also be an integral part of your approach to the market. You bring all your baggage to the market...good and bad.
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    Something to ponder....

    What internal issue - if solved for trading – does not disappear out side of trading


    What internal issue - if solved out side of trading – does not disappear when trading

    Internal issues in either arena all originate from the same source – No

    And when I say solved - I mean really solved... not some faux bravado thinking it is solved


    You're getting old, and your tastes are changing - prunes will be next on the menu :eek: :p


    Confidence Sir…, confidence (never to be confused with ego)

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    Reprogramming ones innermost belief profile is best done one step at a time, empirically. That's how the original profile was structured. We accept input from the world around us and use it to create belief structures that we then use to create end results of presented opportunities.

  8. I used hate to be wrong... a perfectionist. Losing just wasn't an option. Admitting I was wrong was difficult to do.

    Trading made me realize that sometimes you have to be wrong in order to make $$. The key is being really right when your right and not losing a lot when your wrong.

    I still hate losing but accept that its a natural part of this game and that lots of times I'm wrong.
  9. Is this a a 70's seminar?

  10. I call myself a trader, because it is bitchen.

    I have traded for 34 or 35 years but not has been on and off...I mostly invested not traded.

    I once was a CTA, but all that was to me was a glorified telemarketer..

    Ok So I traded for a few funds...but that led to no where because I sucked.

    I traded full time for myself over 3 stints in my life....failing each time and having to work harder at a real job to make more capital to try again.

    But I am trying again...This time I am trying the opposite of what I think is correct...I am making some money (maybe 1% a month)...So it is not how you think yourself into the psychology of how you DO NOT THINK OR TRY TO FIND...then you might STUMBLE onto something that you can remember and focus upon...It's all a lie.

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