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    I'd like to hear how this type of "wireless backhaul" connection has or hasn't worked.

    I live in the mountains west of Denver Colorado and currently have access to Comcast Broadband for day trading. I'm considering moving to an area that doesn't have fiber optic broadband or DSL service available. It appears my best option for broadband is Skybeam. Check it out at:

    I've searched and read what I could find on Elite Trader and the internet. Satellite doesn't sound good for day trading with latency issues. Dial up is a slow choice. That leaves this as the best apparent option and I haven't found any discussion of this type of ISP on Elite Trader. I did check out a coverage map for Verizon mobile broadband coverage map and it appears that would be another option. Sprint and AT&T are notoriously bad in this area. The Verizon mobile broadband offers "average download speeds of 600 Kbps – 1.4 Mbps and average upload speeds of 500 Kbps – 800 Kbps." The downside of Verizon is the 5 GB or 50 GB limit choices.

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  2. i used to use a similar service. it worked great. they do have limitations. you must have line of site clear view. no trees or mountians.
  3. Latency is not that big of an issue with Satellite Internet. I had a Directv Sat Internet account and it would print quotes in synch with another computer on dial up.

    While round trip to the Satellite and back is 52k miles you do by pass a lot of terrestrial wiring so it evens out.