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    I haven't looked at ET for awhile and found this little gem in my mail box sent by:


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    Profit is possible

    Dear sir!
    I have a proposition to you.
    Tha fact is that I can change stock-prices. Big stock - little changes, little stock - big changes.
    So, if it is not great - to know in advance? And if it is not a great opportunity?
    I know that you are clever man and you understand, what you can do with such knowledge.
    You will ask: why don't you use yuor information yourself?
    And I will answer: I can not trade myself. But you - can.
    If it is interesting for you, please choose one of the stocks (no blue-ships, of course) and I will show you what I can do with its price.

    Please answer me
    James M. Boghart


    I'd take him up on the offer, but I like to trade blue-ships only. But only after I take some yellow zingers with a bottle of Gilbeys gin as a chaser. Seems to help with my inhibitions. And only once have I been arrested for running nude in traffic after taking this trading approach. Blue-ships all the way!!!!
  2. "I'd take him up on the offer, but I like to trade blue-ships only."

    Me too, 'cept I'm out of buying powder.