Sky is falling Sunday night..

Discussion in 'Trading' started by lsudaytrade, May 17, 2004.

  1. Market dumping hard....

    ES 1084.75 -10.

    Anyone with big big balls and likes to buy gap downs?

    I would, but IB is down for maintenance... :p
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    You could have had those big balls well before the maintenence period. You'll still have your shot when things come back up in a little bit. I don't think Japan and Korea will rebound from down 3 & 4% respectively within the next 10 minutes. :)
  3. We shall see..... I would need elephant size balls for this one, but i'm willing at <1085.50
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    ES actually come back a bit but it isn't pretty out here. On top of Japan and Korea, taiwan is down 5% and India is limit down at 10%.

    with that said - my opinion of the market changes on a dime. :D
  5. after turkey bombs?

    or is it oil futures going higher

    and dollar lower

    causing equities lower?

    I do see a flight to safety in us treasuries

    but this is nothing compared to after

    the madrid tragedy on 311
  6. World politics and the inherent stench is one chain of options.

    Further 9/11 hearings - embedded shit-story with marines displayed at Cannes - many things can jolt one's stomach and hurt more than your balls. And there's probably more oil to hit the fire soon, the rate (and with interest) things are going nowadays.

  7. I'm not one to catch falling pianos and don't think anyone else should either. Wow, India is having its own Oct 1987 right now!!!:eek:
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    I don't think it is the bombings, more dollar/interest rate and oil price related.
  9. Yes, and ongoing bombings have strong implications for oil/dollar/interest rates. Recall terrorists are targeting engineers in Saudi Arabia and Iraqi pipelines.
  10. Low 1082.75... I chicken out.. :p
    #10     May 17, 2004