SKY ECC encryption hacked?

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    SKY ECC says that it is fake news. Fact is that in 2020 containers were found where people should be tortured and killed. They were found thanks to breaking the encryption of SKY ECC by police.
    Yesterday 1,600 policemen did house searches in 200 Belgian houses and arrested 48 people. 2 lawyers were arrested too. 17 ton of cocaine was confiscated, 1,2 million Euro cash, and several weapons. Police intercepted about 1 billion of criminal messages that gave a lot of useful information.

    What is hilarious is that SKY ECC denies everything. How could then this huge network be discovered? Police even knows who used these phones, where they were used, and what was told.
    SKY ECC says that they immediately block users that use these phones for criminal facts. But on the same page they tell that they cannot read any of the messages that are send by the encrypted phones. How can they then check if the phones are used for criminal facts or not? ROFLMAO. The biggest part of the money that Sky ECC makes comes probably from criminal users. The average person does not needs an encrypted phone that costs $2,500 a year in subscription.
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    US Justice going after drug maffia too, joining Belgium:

    Operation Sky: American court suspects top executives of Sky ECC messaging serviceThe CEO of Sky Global, the company behind the Sky ECC messaging service, has been charged in the United States with knowingly and intentionally participating in a criminal enterprise in supplying encrypted means of communication to assist international drug traffickers. According to a press release from the prosecutor of the Southern District of California.

    In addition to CEO Jean-Francois Eap, Thomas Herdman, a former high-ranking distributor of Sky Global devices, has also been charged. Arrest warrants have been issued against both. According to the court, the company's devices are designed in such a way that law enforcement cannot monitor communications between criminal organizations involved in drug trafficking and money laundering.According to the prosecution, the company is assuring that the messages on the devices will be remotely deleted by the company if the device is seized.
    Sky Global would also install sophisticated encryption software on smartphones such as iPhones, Google Pixels, Blackberries and Nokia's.There are at least 70,000 Sky Global devices in use in the world, according to the prosecution's press release.
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    Next problem for SKY ECC, the communication system from the drugs maffia worldwide:

    2021-03-17 06_07_07.jpg

    Twitter account is blocked too.

    Payments for the subscription of the encrypted phones, were paid in cash to somebody who ran around to collect the money. The money was switched for bitcoins and transfered to SKY ECC.
    The only problem now is that an undercover policeman infiltrated in the "collecting system", cashed in 1.2 million euro, found out all details about the system behind these cash payments, and the 1.2 million euro were seized.
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