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  1. cml2949


    I thought this may be a great place to ask for information about Skty..

    Anyone know anything about this group.. I believe they trade the Eurodollar at the CME, I also believe they are starting a group to trade gas and oil in Ny...

    Looking for any info. about them; how they operate, reputation, how long have they traded the Eurodollar anything please etc..

    Thanks for any insights..
  2. why repost esp in FX forum ?

    come one ... use common sense ...

  3. DrChaos


    Eurodollar is not the EU currency.

    It is a general reference to debt payable by banks outside the US, but denominated in USD. It was originally European banks but now includes more.

    The Eurodollar future/financial instrument
    hence trades like a bond which depends mostly on US interest rates.

    Euro currency or Euro FX is the money used in Europe domestically.