SKM - Sk Telecom

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    @ 20.72 isnt this a bit cheap for a company of this size which owns 50% of market share in korea, which is the most wired/connect country in the world....

    also with the new right-wing government, it should make conditions more favorable for korean companies to do their business.

    and SKM is rapidly expanding into China territory.

    What are your thoughts on this korean telecom giant? their prices have fallen due to eating up other telecoms and some politics.
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    i am holding positions on this stock for very long time horizon.
  3. would be careful ... one wrong move from north korea (hostile move towards south korea) and your shares would be worthless before you have a chance to liquidate
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    haahha hilarious.
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    skm finally breaks teh 22 dollar barrier!

    not too late to get in imho.

    absolute dominant company in korea and penetrating china. target 32 dollars.