Skipping strikes? no 101, 102 puts on DIA?

Discussion in 'Options' started by sub0, Oct 19, 2009.

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    Pick one:

    a) Because Yahoo's typewriter broke?

    b) Yahoo is not a reliable source for info.
  3. Yes, this is strange - the 101 & 102 exist now.

    From what I checked the symbols have changed. For example the symbol of DIA put 101 for November is DIAWW, but until last week the same put 101 appeared as DIAVW.

    You can see the option history in - it is based on Yahoo data.
  4. Symbols cannot change... "V" stands for october in the puts world, W is for november so the options you were seing last week as DIAVW were 100% the october ones... But all this doesn't mean yahoo didn't screw up. You want option quotes/symbols? use the cboe website, after all they are the specialists...

  5. heiasafari - You are right of course... My mistake..
    DIAVW belongs to October.

    sub0 - you are right too, put 101 & 102 were missing and only added by Yahoo yesterday.
  6. For future reference, it is impossible for an exchange to trade either calls or puts and not both.