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    Hi all,
    I am starting this thread as a record for my trades and as the title implies, I am not a full time trader but I treat my trading seriously (Don't we all?:) ). I trade a simple system using MA and basic trendlines etc, concentrating only on the EUR/USD pair. Entries will be made when I am entering or exiting trades.

    I must thank ET for making this possible, and I must explicitly declare that I am not soliciting emails/business/broker ...blah blah. Please also leave political and religious issues out of this thread as I have followed and seen too many great journals of traders which deterioriated into

    1) cyber catfights
    2) Soliciting for a subscription fee for signals
    3) and political and religious ramblings

    I don't encourage anyone to follow my trades for I am also learning. You are welcome to input ideas and exchange pointers and any flaming by bozos will just be ignored.
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    I just exited a long at 1.2290. Looking for a pullback to buy again. the next significant releases coming up are Ger IP at 1000H GMT as well as the stores sales and red book at 0745 and 0855 ET.

    that being said, there's quite a possibility the 1.2310 will be the high for today. Looking to buy at 1.2240-50 level.
  3. Agree with your synopsis. Have just shorted 1.2310.
  4. skipper


    well what can i say, you just about nailed the high of the day.

  5. skipper


    I'm now long the EUR/USD at 1.2261. there pretty much won't be any data releases until tomorrow's wholesale trade. TP around 1.2300 level. CL below the low of day.:D
  6. skipper


    my limit was hit at 1.2300. No sigificant releases for the EZ on 8 Jun , still maintain a neutral / bullish stance. Long on dips.
  7. skipper


    No doubts some stops have been triggered - high of 1.2325... at this hour? Just shorted at 1.2310. Tight stop loss 3 pips above high. TP 1.2270.
  8. skipper


    oops, i was stopped out at 1.2528..:D
  9. jbt


    the EUR/USD is turning - high prob trades are from the long side. You may want to avoid trying to trade every wiggle that's why one way novice traders give back their profits.
  10. skipper


    yep, I make some in the morning only to give it back later. I told myself long dips and then went ahead to short. well done....

    Anyway, my long entry was hit at 1.2303, will update as I monitor.
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