Skilling is a Wild Party Animal!

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  2. just did a paper on Skilling in my Fraud Accting class.. :p
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    Skilling, poor goddamn fu*ker .. his performance was undoubtedly a real stress release fueled by booze. Probably did him a power of good .. you may need to let the valve blow when you've been waking each day, day after day, to the foreboding burden of your forthcoming trial.

    Fact is its a Roman circus. He has star billing and is in line to be fed to the lions for the pleasure and vengeance of the great American public.
  4. As well he should be.
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    "As well he should be." Snooptrader

    Of course. Ho ho ho.

    If he'd been dealing drugs and pimping, well, sh*t, that would have just been too damn common for star billing let alone prosecution together with the proper attention and concern of the courts and the law agencies.
  6. Skilling perpetrated gargantuan fraud at the expense of everyone including "little people" who really didn't have it to lose.
  7. Maybe I am just a stupid black man, but I don't understand what you are saying.
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    What I'm implying is that Skilling is just caught in a blinding spotlight.

    He is going to be punished for the stock market bubble in which all the Joe Blows of the great U.S. lost money on blind and dumb speculation which the regulatory boys did nothing about at the time and when it was obvious that it had to come to an end sometime.

    When the market did crash the idiot regulatory and law agencies went after the scapegoats they needed to parade before the public because of their own lack of vigilance.

    As I said, its just a Roman circus.
  9. Well, I'm sure the prosecution will appreciate hearing that Skilling's guilt has already been conclusively determined. No need now to spend weeks, if not months, going through the guilt or innocence phase of the trial? Just go straight to the sentencing phase. After all, that presumption of innocence thing really isn't all that important any way is it?
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    I think it's simple: his conscious has finally gotten to him.
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