Skill Vs. Edge

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Edge VS skill

  1. An edge can be created through great skill

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  2. Edge has nothing to do with skill

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  1. Just a little discussion I am having with Mav on the Prop board. I believe that a trader can create an edge for himself through superior, above average skills. Where as Mav thinks edge has nothing to do with skill, since a skill can be learned. What do you think?
  2. Oh and please explain your vote, thanks.
  3. ?

    How skillful can you be exploiting a non-edge???
  4. ?

    Your SUPERIOR skill IS your edge. Average skill = no edge.
  5. Say you put an Indy/Formula 1 driver in an Escort and tell him to win the race using his skill.

    What chances do you think he'll have without the "edge" of a top caliber car?

    And what do you imply by "great skill"?

    Skill in what???

    Trading? Mathematics? Computer Science? Business? Accounting?
    All of them put together? Or none of these?

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  7. How about giving a few examples of a "skill" and a few examples of an "edge."
    Here are two for starters: someone may be skilled at hitting the buy button and can do it faster than anyone else; someone else may have a platform/datafeed/broker faster than others.
  8. You simply have not experienced a true edge, while Mav has seen it first hand.

    SOES bandits, Bullets, easy NY Open Book steppers, ECN arbs, regional exchnages arbs, Millenium/NYFIX are just some examples of edges that required minimal, if any, skill. Tapereading required a significant amount of skill but it was still an edge.

    Mav speaks of an edge from a standpoint of a very exploitable market innefficiency, a gimmick of sorts. Skill has little to do with that.
  9. That is circular. If skill = edge in your definition, then they are the same thing.

    If there is an inefficiency in the market but you don't know how to exploit it, the "edge" of knowing it doesn't help you.

    On the other hand, if you have the knowledge/skill of how to exploit an inefficiency in the market but that inefficiency doesn't exist at the moment, then you have nothing either.

    So don't see how they can be equated except in specific circumstance.
  10. skill edge.....

    just make some @#$%ing money!
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