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  1. Peloro


    Please, look at SKF. I think that it has reached a solid support in $110 and may be it will rise to 130 in a first stage. This ETF has a high volatility and when trading it in the right sense, it give very high profits
    I would like to hear your opinions
    Regards from Argentina
  2. Hasta la Maradona! SKF may be hitting support. The weaker financials may be hitting resistance and could be due for another plunge this month or next, a traditionally bearish time of the year for the market. :cool:
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    Take in mind that SKF is ultrashort financials. When worst go the financial sector, more better goes SKF
  4. while all the above posts are true, the skf seems to be in the process of losing it's upside punch...if the market rebounds anywhere in this zone, the skf may be poised to make news lows for it's move, in fairly rapid fashion.

    In other words, possible limited upside, (relative to its prior action), and possible greater downside. Feels skewed to the downside, heavy, almost.

    Possibly money is being sought, and raised, from any quarter.
  5. Daal


    skf might still have some upside but the easy money shorting financial INDEXES has been made. we should be focusing on individual namels probably
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    I just bought this at 106.90 afterhours... Financials just exploded on this FNM/FRE news?? This is bizarre for a Friday after the close.

    Seems to good to be true to be filled here... We'll see on Monday.
  7. S2007S


    Bought more as well. Still own my UYG as well.

    In at $107.50

    Cost average around 116-117

    Had great profits this morning when it was trading at $122 but didn't take them.

  8. I shorted UYG at 23.00 afterhours.

    Will cover when specialist pulls it down some come monday morning...
  9. dstod


    S & P futures up to 1270 now... Good chance SKF gonna open under 105 at this rate.
  10. figuring probably open 102-103 if S&p holds at current levels
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