SKF halted

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ElCubano, Sep 19, 2008.

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  2. Their whole model is screwed, redemptions result in covering the financials but cannot enter new shorts.
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    is it halted or is it esignal...i see last print at 93 but level 2 is all over theplace....and the H is next to the symbol....
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    Really weird...

    Bought @ $91.83 but was able to get out just now while it's still halted @ $94.86.

    Probably gets canceled...
  5. SKF is still's just that chart not working
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    i got out at 91.22 at like 9.32 am and it looks like it got halted at 93 ( 9.33 am )...they better not fuck with it
  7. My IB market scanner for halted stocks does show SKF among others.
  8. Yeah, got in at 91 and got out at 95.
  9. i got in at 91 before the charts got screwed....then got out 93.50 just after the chart got screwed........could they break my 'sell' trade?
  10. Huh? I'm seeing a bid of 0.01 and ask of 125. This halted now?
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