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  1. Hello,

    I'm looking for a Skew/Smile scanner in order to find underlyings with a steep/flat skew? Is there any software or website to scan for these criterias?

    thanks a lot
  2. dmo


    If you find one let me know. has something they call their "advanced ranker" (I think that's the name of it) that purports to do exactly what you're looking for. It doesn't. It is in fact the most incredibly worthless piece of crap I've ever seen. How they can charge money for this and claim that it does anything meaningful is a complete mystery to me.
  3. Hi dmo,

    thanks for your reply.

    I know and hoped that there is any other software that can scan for skew/smile.

    however, only for end of day
  5. Optionetics Platinum does it.

    Also, the platform can scan for volatility skews as well and it's free with an account.
  6. @ bloosteak

    Do you mean the "skew finder"? Optionistics skew finder only scans for: "Stocks with disparities in call and put volatilities can be identified using the Volatility Skew Finder." but unfortunately not for the shape of the skew/smile.


    I'll check it out, thanks!
  7. wow...400-500$ PER feature ! Maybe I should go commercial with my scanner
  8. dmo


    How do you get the TOS platform to scan for volatility skews?

  9. MTE


    On the "stkhacker" tab you can scan for "vol diff" or you can specify the front and back vol separately.

    You can also do the same on "sprdhacker".
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