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  1. hkrahra


    Does anyone know how much would it cost to start a skating-rink business?
  2. Lornz


    It depends whether you're in Oslo or on Bora Bora...
  3. Maybe someone can give
    advice based on whether you are looking for
    ice skating or inline ?
  4. Ha!........:D

    (My first thought)

    Check and see what liability insurance will cost to operate any type of business where people fall down as a sport.

    (second thought)

    What makes you think anyone wants a skating rink (just because you do)? Check with your local zoning board..they'll get back to you in 5 years.

    (third thought)

    I thnk there are new regs in place for "concussions". Try to site your skating rink within sledding distance of a hospital.
  5. People don't actively "participate" in physical activity anymore. Everything is done on Wii, including sexual intercourse. :p :D :( :mad:
  6. hkrahra


    Hi Tiki,

    ice skating,in Cochabamba

    :D :D

    no,in Costa Rica..
  7. hkrahra


    Thanks for thoughts.

    I have never seen an empty ice skating rink,have you?