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  1. Rodney Mullen is a skate god....

    Him and Mark Gonzales are the reason street skating took off so huge.

    RM and Per Welinder were riding those little "freestyle"boards in the 80`s. Which eventually became a lil wider and are now the model for all the boards made.

    His flip tricks are just fucking stupid...and I have been watching the guy for 25 years and NEVER seen him fall....

    All hail Rodney Mullen!
  2. It's mind boggling how Rodney Mullen pulls off most of his tricks.
  3. F*ckin'sick . . . born to do that

    still remember skateboard magazine with the guys at the time when Tony Alva and crew were just getting a name
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    Rodney is a legend for sure...

    Some of these footages are really old, from the early 90's Plan B videos and most are from a globe video from the early 2000's... but I don't know if he still skates a lot these days( he must be 45 or so )

    I saw him on a demo last September and he didn't skate. Chris Haslam and Ryan Decenzo killed it.
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    It's one of the hardest sport at the beginning( with surfing as well ). There is no fun at all until you get the kickflip at least( it took me 1 year 15 years ago ).The difference is it's super hard to get good at soccer for example, but you can enjoy it from day 1. Shooting in a ball with your foot is easier than ollieing( it will take you a week or so to learn it )

    Here's a video that made sensation when it came out in 2003 or so:

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    One day, a young urban artist tried to tag a "skateboarding is not a crime" in our bowl. We started laughing so hard when we found what he was writing that he left his shit unfinished.
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    I've wondered if there were any fellow (ex)skaters here.

    I'm surprised no one posted this:

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