Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Stratcat, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. Stratcat


    Apart from being responsible for the most amusing posts on this site, and c**ting me off in a previous post (titled "this is intolerable"), why do you never offer any serious advice to other users of the site?

    If you are as successful as you constantly claim, and you are a regular user of this site, why not give an insight into your experiences and the reasons for your successes. What other reason could there be for a trader of your calibre to visit this site so much, unless you get your kicks from reading about other people's struggles.

    I'm starting to suspect that you are one of the strugglers and that's why you participate in these forums. Don't worry there's no shame in it, just come clean that's all!

    I await your next cutting putdown with anticipation.

    Yours expectant trader...........
  2. traderob


    Where is sjp these days?
    Maybe he's been having a bad streak, and not feeling his usual cheery self...?