SizeTrade Eagle November Results: +26.25 ES points (some guys got 32.25 ES points).

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    November started off slow as we waited for the election to pass. After the election, with the shock result we sat on our hands for a few days while the market resolved itself a bit. After that we slowly got back to normal trading and took advantage of the levels.

    For Eagle Strategy, we were positive 4 of the 5 weeks in November, and negative 1 week (the week of Thanksgiving and market being in tight range).

    [For those of you who haven't been following us, Eagle is a 6:6 risk reward signal for ES Mini futures]

    Overall November was a profitable month, and considering the distortion coming into and right after the election, we’re satisfied with the results.

    There were a total of 14 Eagle trades (although because it was a bit of a crazy month not all trades had a 6 point range), 9 of them positive which is a 65% success rate for a total of 26.25 ES points (many guys got 32.25 ES points).

    1st week of November: +4.75 ES points (2 trades; +6, -1.25)

    2nd week of November: +6 (+12 for some) ES Points (4 trades: +6 for a lot of guys who didn’t get cancel, -6, +6, +6)

    3rd week of November: +12 ES Points (2 trades: +6, +6)

    4th week of November: -3.5 ES Points (4 trades: -0.50, -6, -1, +4)

    5th week of November: +7 ES points (2 trades: +1, +6)

    For December, we will continue to look to be more aggressive as long as the market can break out of this current range and begin expanding its daily range. If not we will only take very high percentage setups. End of December is always slow due to holidays and end of year. So we will look to start December off strong and taper down the amount of trades we take towards the back end of the month.

    Below is the link to the detailed November trading log (EST-stamped - adjusted from GMT +2) and results.
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    Not very good...I made well over 100 es points in nov (single contract basis).
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    Sorry, for some reason link at the bottom of the page was sending to September results. It's fixed now to send to November results.