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    What are you trading? Pyramiding fits only strong trends trading, and means that subsequent buys should be successively smaller (like a pyramid).

    The size of your trade is determined by your account size, your expectancy, and your drawdown toleration. Once you have a consistently positive expectancy you can optimize your position size. Until then keep your size small.

    Most people recommend risking up to 1-2% per position, 5-6% per account. When you trade long your risk is defined as: number_of_shares * (cost_basis - stop_loss).
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  2. ===============
    Maybe should try it ''when all ducks line up'';
    being sure as they say in Chicago , always have enough to come back the next day.

    Also most of my trades are trends;
    the times i do countertrnds, still trade those smaller.

    And consider like mourning is somewhat better than afternoon for me;
    intraday chart trading.
    Swing/position, afternoon entry is about the same.
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