size of genitals

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erect penis length?

  1. 3 to 5"

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  2. 5 to 7 "

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  3. 7 to 9"

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  4. 9 to 11"

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  1. ropey b

    ropey b

    does successful trading correspond to having big balls and/or penis?
    I am interested to hear from successful traders to see how well they are hung
  2. Elite Trader is just like the market.

    It be looking for a bottom.

    Just when you think the forum has hit the bottom, posters like this prove there is still a ways to go.
  3. ropey b

    ropey b

    come on. seriously. this could be really useful to a lot of people...
  4. When I used to trade the e-Mini S&P I did so-so. I did have more winning days than losing , but just not great.

    Then I started taking Cialis and had a penile implant done with a 220 Volt compressor. Man! I can not tell you how much my trading has improved!!!
  5. Stosh


    Couldn't need a category for 12-14". But no, I'm not a good trader......too busy.
  6. ropey b

    ropey b

    SEE! thats the kind of proper trading talk we should see more of here. Does a huge penis guarantee success, or vice versa? what about balls... what role do they play
  7. W4rl0ck


    How many paid posters are on this board and how much do they make?

    Is it per word/ post/ view count/ what?

  8. nitro


    There aren't any more high choices?
  9. If inches were words, my member could fill every page of one of Ayn Rand's epic Objectivist tomes!
  10. Pekelo


    I don't know about penis, but you need big balls to be a good trader. Here is a picture of the winners of the first trading championship in Timbuktu:

    #10     Jul 17, 2009