Six Months to Go Until The Largest Tax Hikes in History

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Tom B, Jul 2, 2010.

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    It is exagerated comments like this that make discussion diffifult. That's far from all The One does. He also blames Bush a lot, blames BP a lot, blames republicans a lot.

    And he's appointed got one inexperienced justice on SCOTUS.

    He's also well on his way to wresting the mantle of Worst President Ever from Jimmy Carter. Regardless of your politics, you had to admit that is quite a feat.
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  2. My apologies to all... for distorting the facts by being such an angry, disgusted, Liberal-hating simpleton..
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  3. and who comes up with awards such as "to the worst president in history"? the same people who elect such presidents. ponder about that for a minute.
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    That's why America now has the highest illiteracy rate in the world. I'm not talking about it's children, but it's voters.
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  6. Several of the OP points were crucial in my decision to quit being self employed and place part of the higher tax rate burden elsewhere.
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    You bet. As the morons kept chanting "Yes we can! Yes we can!" I had to wonder if those three letter words were the longest words in their vocabulary. Nobody dared to ask "Uh, what changes are we talking about here?" and he certainly did not volunteer that information.

    It was the most brilliant political campaign in history, hands down. Preying on the ignorant.
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    Yeah, pretty soon you can add over 10 million more to the ignorant voter rolls. Obama and the Democrats must be salivating over that.
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    He Obama has never stopped campaigning. If his lips are moving he is lying.
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  10. So basically, the tax rate is gonna be 40%
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