Six Months to Go Until The Largest Tax Hikes in History

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Tom B, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. Unfortunately, the rest of us are getting "it" too... :mad: :mad:
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  2. rc8222


    Yeah, I know. Unfortunate indeed. But this is what happens when you have a country full of blithering dipshits!!!!
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  3. I am desperately seeking a country that encourages the PURSUIT of happiness. And maybe even freedom from OPPRESSION. That country does not really exist anymore.

    I am finding my current pursuit is doing nothing but helping those who REFUSE to help themselves. This is enabled by an oppressive government fleecing me at all angles.

    I am probably greedy.
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  4. pspr


    People didn't bother to find out who Obama is before voting for him. You should have to pass a test before you can vote.

    BTW, does he have to give a speech every day? Doesn't he do ANY work?
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  5. pspr


    As mentioned on CNBC today, greed is just the normal condition of individual self interest.
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  6. Unfortunately Republicans are not without shame here, either.

    The reason the southern border has not been secured to date... is that neither party wants to alienate the Hispanic vote by closing it off. Politicos of both parties fear closing the border will shift votes to the other party, so nothing is done. In the meantime, American citizens, WHO DESERVE THE PROTECTION OF OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.. are subjected to all kinds of threats, violence and economic abuse.... DESPICABLE.

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  7. rc8222


    Exactly!!!!! No one paid any attention to the fact that this clown was the most liberal member of the Senate, had one of his first political fundraisers in the home of a domestic terrorist named Bill Ayers, and attended the sermons of a bigoted, anti-American preacher for over 20 years. But no one cared anything about this, as they completely freaked about the economy tanking. So the majority of this country voted for CHANGE! I hope their enjoying it! Enjoy our now destroyed health care system, higher taxes, a wave of illegal immigrants about to become U.S. citizens, a president that wants to rid our country of it's nuclear weapon arsenal, etc........ It's time to start exploring the process of becoming a Canadian citizen.
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  8. That doesn't make any sense. The POTUS would be largely decided by a select few.
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  10. Obama promised "free ice cream".. and the great unwashed turned a deaf ear to everything else.
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