Six Months to Go Until The Largest Tax Hikes in History

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Tom B, Jul 2, 2010.

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    yea I would think that many years. No one has a clue how worse this economy is going to get, also keep in mind that a second stimulus plan will be put together probably totaling $300-$500Billion.
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  3. And the democrat party has yet to cure anything THEY promise to cure:

    Lack of transparency
    world hunger
    wars (talk with thine enemy)

    Democrat has the House, the Senate, and the White House. Yet cannot seem to "fix anything".

    Blame W. Blame. W. didn't want 911 and it interupted his agenda. Poor Hussein's agenda was interupted and he cries like a little girl. Poor little man-child.

    And if I believe in God and am wrong, I have lost nothing.

    If you don't believe and are wrong, you will lose.
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  4. And it won't be "stimulus" at all.. just more "social distribution" and jobs preservation for government employees and other "suck-tits".
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  5. I have come to the notion that it's wrong for all Americans to be allowed to vote.

    Rather, there should be some threshold.. Perhaps, "only those who pay at least $1,000 in Federal Income Tax" may vote. It's unfair, wrong, corrupt, immoral and dishonest... for those who do not pay Federal Income TAx to vote themselves largess at the expense of those who pay.

    Even better would be a system where your vote counts more depending upon how much tax you pay... that is, "one vote for each $Dollar in Federal Income TAx".

    Those who receive the bulk of Social Support/Handouts don't deserve them. Grandpa always said, "the world doesn't owe you a living... make something of yourself."

    If I were making the rules, "social support" would be a cot in a shelter and adequate food. If recipients want more than that out of life, they should take it upon themselves to provide it.

    And if all the tit-sucking parasites were to just go off into the desert and die, that would be so much the better. They are a drag on society... neither providing for themselves nor contributing to the common well-being.
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    I fixed your post for you. You're welcome.
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    Big inflation (which is coming), and big taxes should be the "last nails in the economic coffin." Odumba will make Jimmy Carter look like a pre-school kid playing in the sand in comparison. We will repeat the 1970's, but on a much worse scale...:(
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  8. the rich have already bought every politician out there
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    I love how the dictator-in-chief says that we must legalize all the current illegal immigrants that are here so that we can collect tax revenues on them. lol Once their legalized, 99% of them will never pay any taxes, since they aren't making enough to do so. But of course, they will take advantage of our health care, welfare, etc........ Obama only wants them legalized, because that means an extra 10+ million votes for Democrats.
    If this shithead raises tax rates across the board, the Republicans should take the House, Senate, and White House in 2012. If the unlikely event this asshole get's a second term, the GOP will control Congress, and it would be fun watching Obama's ego implode because he can't get his way on anything.
    For all of these idiots that voted for Obama, and are now regretting it, you get exactly what you deserve!!!!!!
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    Don't forget "Cap and tax.".
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