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    I am going to put together a six monitor setup and think I will build the rig myself. Can I use 3 dual video cards with a motherboard that has 3 PCIe slots? Will this work with WinXP Pro? Any suggestions and input will be helpful.
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    I plan to use 6 Samsung 19" screens since I will only be putting 4 charts per screen. I will mount them on a wall with vesa wall mounts instead of paying $500+ for a six monitor stand. It's not the cost of the stand that's the issue, I need them to stay secure since I'm going mobile with them. If I move to a fixed location I will get the stand or make one.
  3. I wander how would 6 19" compare to 3 or 4 24''

    Do you know the resolution the 19'' will run at?
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    I've already determined the set up I want like I said. Bigger monitors with tripple head or quad heads is more than I need to spend. I'd like some input from those who know on whether my set up will work.
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    Theoretically you can use 3 PCIe cards with dual output paralelly.
    I used 2 old Matrox Dualhead PCI cards with 4 monitors and it worked fine, so I think the 3 card setup will work too.
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  8. You can get 6 monitors to run an any of several mobos... whether they have 3, x16 slots or not.

    Suggest avoiding mobos with "onboard video", however.

    I've done a couple of 6'ers on the Dell T3400 using 2, x16 cards and 1, x1 card.
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