Six Flags Files For Bankruptcy

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  1. •Six Flags Seeks Bankruptcy Protection as Visitors to Theme Parks Dwindle

    I remember Fast Money had the CEO on earlier this year pumping this "fantastic company" that had theme parks "closer to peoples' homes" which meant they'd get more business at a time when "people were staying closer to home on vacation."
  2. 4 bucks for a can of Pepsi in the machine.
  3. Is it the "regular" stuff or that new "throwback" stuff? :confused:
  4. Filing for Ch. 11

    There are some big names that own parts of Six Flags: Daniel Synder, Bill Gates, Renaissance Technologies (Long Island hedge fund).
  5. Damn. I loved the roller coasters at the LA theme park when I was last in the US.
  6. Figures Snyder was on board. He should give Redskin fans some relief and sell the team.
  7. Always packed when I go. Just poorly managed
  8. 1999

    Should Bill Gates trade Microsoft Stock for Gold?

    go for it, Bill Gates. By trading your Microsoft stock for more than two years of annual gold supplies, you could bleed the shorts and drive gold to $1,000.

  9. This company is poorly run, overpriced, and filled with homeys, whether black, white, latino or other.

    No wonder they can't attract the families with young children and disposable income they need to gouge if they want to be profitable.

    Go to King's Island and you'll see a really clean park with professional employees and no tolerance for any illicit activities or even swearing. They'll toss someone's ass out of the park for dropping the f bomb.

    Families don't want their children exposed to slimeballs.
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