Six Eastern European central banks protesting Moodys ratings

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  1. Last week, six central banks in the region issued an unusual joint statement protesting the way analysts had painted regional markets -- from relatively stable Poland to struggling Ukraine -- as the same.

    When will we get rid of Moodys and Standard & Poors ? These two "rating agencies" need to be wiped out from financial business ! They are used by US banks as a policy tool and to obfuscate common sense.:confused: :mad:
  2. It's like the Mafia, once you're in, you can never get out. The rating companies got in the incestuous Wall Street game and now instead of recovering their reputation they're going even further the same path by becoming political.
  3. Ummm to quote from your article:

    The call came as several European Union finance ministers meeting in Brussels said the EU should do more to help Eastern Europe, where the downturn has hit particularly hard, though the EU has continued to resist creating any new fund for the region.

    So in other words - we are not credit risks - EUROPE, BAIL US OUT???
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    IWF admitts they made a counting error.... all eastern countrys have minor problems... hahahah
    idiots at IWF

    Austria has no problems....