Six 22" monitor setup

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  2. 6 x 22" is a lot of screen space... doubt one could cover that with 2 monitors... maybe 4 x 24"?? (Some 24" can still be found at 1920x1200 resolution... you'll probably like that much better than the 1650x1080 of the 22".)

    That price... plus $99 for W7.


    4 x 24" monitors, $800-$1200

    If you must have monitor stand, maybe $650, max

    Proper trading computer... $900-$1200.

    Those turnkey trading setups are always waaayyyyy overpriced. They count on users who don't know much about computers to pay up for a "trading" computer.
  3. I agree with Scataphagos that these "trading" computers made by EMC or XView or the likes tend to be priced much higher than what you can get if you build it yourself. Of course, that's their profit margin. Usually about 40% from what I estimated.

    I recently built a similar box to drive 8 monitors.

    The box, about $1200:
    - Chassis
    - i7-930 processor
    - 6GB memory
    - 1TB disk drive
    - DVD RW
    - 600W power supply
    - (Exclusing keyboard and mouse, but those are trivial)

    Display cards: PNY Tech 8400 GS, dual head each x3: 3 x $60 = $180

    Win7: maybe $100

    Samsung 22" monitors, about $200 each. 6 x $200 = $1200

    Monitor stand... if you want to be nice and neat: maybe $500, my estimate.

    Added together: $3180 total

    EMC price $4497

    Building your own computer is not for everyone. Others said that you don't have warranty and all that. True. But these are all off-the-shelf components that you can pick up at Fry's or other similar electronic stores. Faulty components? Just return or swap it out when broken. It could be a fun project if you have a teenage kid who is interested in computers. Building a computer from components is much easier these days.

    Hey... one trade you get it back.

    Or... that was easy. Treat yourself and your spouse/kids to Morton for a steak dinner for a job well done. Multiple times!

    The choice is yours.
  4. You can get two large 30" for about 2,000-2,500 and need no special monitor stand (but keep in mind you'll probably need two DVI's per monitor; i.e. two dual cards or one quad).

    I got three 24/25" hp02 2408h (with the "taller" 1920 x 1200 resolution) and am very happy with this setup (this would cost you about 400 USD per monitor, if you still find them - now it seems they're all 1920 x 1080).

    Mine are similar to this (good price, imv):
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    Thanks bro! I appreciate it!

    I'm wanting something better than what I'm using. Just hate to make the change, but need to make the change. One of those things... I've got a "computer guru" Client who says he can set everything up if I put the list together. just wanting to know what to order. I'm far from an expert in computers. Old dog I guess. Lol!
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    Thank you very much bro! I look forward to the change, even though I don't like change much.:eek: :D
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    1920x1200 would be great! Two 30" monitors... Never thought about that.
  8. to drive 6 monitors you'll need a motherboard with at LEAST three PCI-e X 16 slots available just for the dual-vid cards. good luck with that. :D
  9. try

    they usually have some unreal deals

    that is definitely overpriced
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    Most "trading computer" sites seem to be 300% more $ than what I see you guys building them for. I'll try
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