Situation regarding day trade and margin buying power

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  1. Okay, I have never borrowed money on margin to trade or utilized my buying power. I don't like risking money thats not mine. I don't even know what you get charged interest rate wise using that money to trade? I have always traded cash account and what I can afford to lose(just like gambling). Just my rules...I busted my ass to save six figures in cash to start trading again...I went from 3k at age 18 to 250k at age 28 through trading and other risky ventures. My bankroll has been almost slashed in half the last year or so. Feel like I got divorced...I have student loan debt still, want to buy a home that I have down payment put aside, etc...

    I will probably be working full time soon fwiw and back to position and swing trading. You know add to my 401k, roth IRA like I used too...

    Taking a hit this year but big picture is still green in the long run...

    I have right now around 58k spread out in 5 long positions. I'm too stubborn to take 20k losses on the positions that are down and willing to hold them long term. In the past I have had positions down 10k or more and held when reccomended to sell and take a loss but over time see them completely reverse and profit over those position trades. You know, through the 2000-2001 years or 97-98....IBM, DIS, and MCD are good examples.

    So my question is do i break my rules and use my
    Stock BP


    Day trade BP


    For the record, I would probably only use those funds available to me in a crash situation or golden huge dip opportunity like a 1987 or 2001 situation. What do I get charged each day on those borrowed funds in securities? Thanks for sound advice.

    If you want, you can poke fun at my down 39-40k year but the successful trades I have made over the years has allowed me to have the money I have to lose in rough times or year I am having. This will be my first red net year at this rate fwiw. I am depressed but trying to keep my chin up.

    Stock turder need not respond since he is a paper trader.
  2. If I were you I would avoid margin completely.
  3. There is nothing wrong with increasing your wealth slowly. Stay away from margin. If you are a good trader you don't need it.
  4. Don't do it until you work out your risk management issues. You have "big" losses now. Margin/leverage will only make it worse because you seem to allow short-term losers to become long-term investments.
  5. Yeah, no margin trading unless I get tipped off the day before a major deal.:p . Seriously, I never felt good about trading borrowed money...

    Yes, 3 of those 5 positions were short term play losers that got bigger. I have been in large positions before and cut the loss then to see them 180 and that burns. Ex. LEND this year. Then again gotten out and the company bankrupt. Also, when I have a big win trade, I don't get greedy enough and let it ride. I take the profits when they are there and move on. But it feels good getting out when its there before they disappear.