Sitting comfortably while doing daytrading?

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  1. Hi all,

    I am starting to learn daytrading and I am purchasing a new desktop PC. I've also already got a 20inch LCD screen in front of me. What other setups do you recommend so that I could minimize all kinds of computer related pain related to staring at screen doing daytrading all the time? I am looking for all kinds of suggestions that can make me feel as comfortable as possible and can help me do daytrading without compromising health...

    Thank you!
  2. Definately get a chair that compliments your desk. My chair right now is too high and my desk is too low, constantly hitting armrests on the bottom of the desk and it's annoying and uncomfortable.

    Tuning your monitor correctly for gamma/brightness also helped me a bit for eyestrain.
  3. any good suggestions for a chair?
  4. Herman Miller Aeron
  5. Some folks swear by the Herman Miller Aeron chair.

    If it were in my price range, I'd like to try out a Steelcase Leap WorkLounge chair:

    We got some Steelcase chairs for a lunch room at work, the Jersey Guest model. They looked small and pitiful. Then I sat in one and was pleasantly surprised at how comfy they were.
  6. Glare protective glasses.
  7. Any specific recommendations?
  8. rida07


    I hear they are making a new model that is more reasonably priced slated to hit the market in March.. I think it was called the Cobi and will be priced around $500sh..
  9. Folks,

    I want to have some professional people to come and take a look at my home computer setup. No matter how I adjusted, it always does seem to be in need of further improvement in comfort level.

    Where to find those professional people who do these sorts of things? I mean truely professional expert in this computer confort field. Not those BS guys?
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