Sitting all day is DEADLY

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  1. We stand around a lot here at Men’s Health. In fact, a few of us don’t even have office chairs. Instead, we write, edit, and answer e-mails—a lot of e-mails—while standing in front of our computers. All day long. Why?

    It all started last summer, when Assistant Editor Maria Masters came across a shocking study in the Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise (one of dozens of research journals we comb each month as we put together the magazine). Scientists at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana analyzed the lifestyles of more than 17,000 men and women over about 13 years, and found that people who sit for most of the day are 54 percent more likely to die of heart attacks.

    I think I'll reassemble my standing computer desk tonight.:eek:

  2. Jesse Livermore used a standing desk.
  3. what about sleeping all nite...?
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    But look where it got him. :(
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    Aren't we all going to die eventually anyway?

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    Good points Mr Mac;
    Maria Masters is right. Couch potatoes, Russian roulette players usually suffer the same ......

    James Cash Penny lived till 95 years age;
    not because his middle name was Cash:D . But perhaps his golden rule, excellant work habits helped:cool:
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    We gotta exercise regularly via a minimum of 30 mins per day and get the sweat going nicely. In addition, gotta eat healthy, low fat diet and maintain a proper weight.

    The above by itself will keep things in the norm again in those heart attacks statistics.

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    That's what I thought, too, but I guess it's not 100% certain any more :confused: :eek: :confused:

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    Don't you mean a low carb diet? Nothing wrong with fat (keep the saturated stuff down though).
  10. This sitting/heart attack issue first came out the beginning of last year. Assuming there's some truth to it, you can: a) buy an adjustable-height desk and move it up and down throughout the day, or if you can't afford one, b) stand up a couple times an hour for a few minutes at time.
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