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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by hoop121, Jul 26, 2012.

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    I am not a registered CTA at the moment, but was wondering if any of you knew of a site that allows people to audit themselves on a monthly basis by submitting their performance to an online profile? Kind of like a database, but I'm not trying to solicit investors.
  2. Maybe start a service like this if it does not yet exist .
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    If I had the time and capital I would. I do have a couple of friends in Silicon Valley I could pitch it to, though. We'll see...
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    the whole trading industry is on's pointless..and why one have to audit HIMSELF? i have my monthly report from my broker with all trades in it. they also stored in my database,that sits on my PC to run few performance stats. that's about it
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    mainly as a way to track yourself among your peers
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    Well, I can't find it now, but there was a site that was set up as a contest site and it was based on your actual account. It seems like I remember it once being mentioned in conjunction with that Sykes character that used to post here, so I included his name in the search terms when I searched ET, but nothing. I can't find it with Google either. But goddamb, there are a lot of forex contest sites out there.
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    i noticed that as well about the forex.

    i think you might be speaking of

    i know that you can upload your individual trades to this site, but i trade options and it is not option friendly. plus, i don't trust giving them my account information.
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    Can you provide more info?

    The benefit of comparing one's performance with that of other traders is to see what is possible/realistic. The disadvantage is the biased database. Many good traders, and almost all losing traders, do not share their results.
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