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  1. I am looking for a guru site that really sucks big time. One that just destroys its members. My plan is to take the free trial and fade every trade. This could be as good as being a retail commodity broker and having access to your worst customer's orders.
  2. cramer
  3. Worst you'll find this side of 2100
  4. Babak


  5. Damn! 22k down to 5; that's worse than my first year of trading. I suppose he should have changed his name to longboy in August. :D
  6. Is mtrader really that bad? I've never used it but I found some of the educational material on the site to be pretty good. Does Ken still call the trades?
  7. Yeah, shortboy sucks, that's why he's made money each year of the 3 years he's been online. And trading with the rigid constraints he has is hard enough as it is. He has no access to the news in a potential play, nor access to the next mornings stock index futures. Nor does he have the ability to change his opinion during the day.

    Yet shortboy has produced a successful website. The website has produced a profit, and no other content website can say that.

    Yes, he's only up 6% this year, but how much you all up this year? And dont forget to take into consideration 1999, 2000, and 2001. He's made money every year. AND THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ANY QUESTION AS TO THE TRUTHFULLNESS OF THESE TRADES.

    Hmmm, performance every year that wins, to Babak that sucks!
    nough said.

    bye bye Vinny
  8. do mutual funds count? this guy really sucks. down a cool 44% in 2002,-55% in 2001,-33% in 2000. and for that fine performance he charges you a 5% load to get
  9. Well, you are right...he sucks!!! The equity curve for the Grand Prix fund looks like the p/l graph for a butterfly options trade. Only problem is he doesn't publish his trades so I can fade them.
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