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  1. Selling the website

    Includes domain name... Software... all mods...
    Getting traffic from Search engines and growing daily!

    send me an AIM if interested sami1080.
  2. RhinoGG

    RhinoGG Guest

    I Bid $10, only cause the guys got moxy.
  3. Worth maybe $10

    People do this all the time on Ebay - they get a URL, slap in some widgets and code, usually built from a cheap template or taken from other sites.

    They also often generate lots of fake hits/traffic to the site (easy to do with bots or other methods).

    Sometimes they generate a fake Google page Rank using cehap tricks.

    Then they act like it is worth thousands or more.

    Save your money It isn't worth the effort.
  4. Surdo


    I'll give you $20, if I can be a moderator!
  5. topeak


    how long have they been around?
  6. Nothing more than an empty forum that wont even cover hosting costs. Worthless.
  7. RhinoGG

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    He took $8.
    Whoopeee, I'm a web-slum lord.
    No worries, I'll convert it to a porn site


    Deja vu or what? Isn't .COM era over? :)
  9. Live and kickin chief.

    I suggest for those of you that aren't into the domain name market.. take alook at what good .com domains are being sold for :)
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