SiSePuede! on suicide watch

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  1. he did'nt jump but tried to swallow a bottle of pills. luck for him the pills turned out to be tic tacs. nevertheless he was sent o a hospital for observation.doctors are baffled as to why the hell he shorted AMZN before the close.
  2. But didn't he repeatedly say that he was an "INVESTOR" and not a Trader?

    Perhaps this will stop him from posting 50 times per day ( like he did yesterday before he was "banned" by the mods ).

    What a joke.
  3. Why was he banned?
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  5. The guy always was a knob surprized he took this long to get kicked I was moving house last few days so missed the end of his run on here but you canbet he will be back.
  6. SiSePuede! is applying for a clerical job with Timmay's hedge fund.
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    karma is a bitch lol

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  8. I object to you using Stalin in such a horrible thread.
  9. Timmay needs SiSePuede! to help with some final editing with the infamous upcoming book.
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