Sirius XM Prepares Bankruptcy Filing

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  1. I never could grasp the whole paying for radio fad.
  2. The subscription price was too high. They finally lost all credibility when they added commercials.
  3. I always enjoyed XM. I have two subscriptions. The merger has been a disaster though for anyone who likes anything besides Rock and Country. I find myself listening to my iphone music more and more.
  4. $140 a year is too high? I have one unit in the car and stream it through my laptop all day long. Totally worth the $ to me b/c of Howard. But if he leaves I doubt I'll keep it.

    My Dad just bought a 2009 Audi and they give him a free 3 month subscription. He has never been much of an audiophile, but he loves it.
    I think they're heading in the right direction..but the financials just need to be cleaned up.

    Here is my only complaint; when streaming online every 45 minutes or so you have to click on a pop-up that says "are you still listening". Major pain in the ass when you have music going for a party or whatever.
  5. So they're not going to that 1 for 300 stock split? How the hell did they hold on this long?
  6. They're too big to fail. They'll get a 10B bail out by the end of the week. :D
  7. People really just don't want to pay for radio in an amount that makes this profitable.

    Not now, it would appear.

    Superstars like Stern can't prop up the entire network, especially in economic hard times, where some radio is free and some isn't.

    I don't think their model of picking your music is working.

    People are using playlists and their iPods.
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    I remember when they mentioned "COMMERCIAL FREE" radio, well listen to them now and all you hear is commercials and DJs, its quite annoying if you ask me, that whole commercial free radio is now filled with dumb commercials, Im glad they are filing for Bankruptcy.....
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    By the way sirius made a really bad investment decision paying $500 million+ for howard, I have no idea how anyone could not be tired of this type of programming, its 2009, I would hope that people would get tired of that garbage by now. That was a stupid move to pay that kind of money. Half a BILLION dollars. FOOLS
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