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  1. Ok..I'll Admit.....I was one of those guys who railed against the idea of actually paying for radio....i vowed that I would NEVER ever pay for radio.....Then in May I got a new car and SIRI came loaded for free for 6 months.....I am ashamed to admit that I have not listened to regular radio since the day I got it...and worse yet, On tuesday I freaked out because we had a bad signal from Ernesto!!!

    Im such a freakin addict now that I can't even listen to regular radio in my home! im going to get it for there now too!

    Maybe im easily amused, but i listen to sports in the morning, Howard on replay in the afternoon and Blue collar and Raw Dog whenever im stuck in traffic.....on weekends the 80's music is unreal and every now and then I tune into Margaritaville ...


    Im just hoping that if Xm and Siri merge they will offer both stations!

    any one else a covert like me??:confused:
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    So fucking funny!! I was the SAME WAY! In fact I posted on ET back in 2004:"11-24-04 04:46 PM

    I've had a SIRI unit since late last year. It was a gift. Will I continue to pay almost $150 a year for something I can get for free? Doubtful. NEVER will there be a day when millions of subscribers shell out money for this type of product. Hell even digital cable has as much music as satellite radio. Reception is OK but not stellar. Bottom line IMO SIRI is ridiculously overpriced. Not to say I'd be short. My best guess is that this stock will keep going higher until it becomes the CMGI of this bull swing. Trade from the long side? Sure. Invest as part of a portfolio? No way."

    I was right about the stock price. Product wise? I love it!
  3. I actually bot some stock based on the fact that I think that so many schmucks like me are gonna buy cars with one or the other systems in it and POOOF!! your gonna be subscribing!
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    Satellite radio is one of the best consumer electronic inventions ever. I've been hooked on it for two years and have it in the car, the house and the office. Most of my family have signed up too and would probably pay double the current cost to keep it.
  5. Me too. Can't listen to regular radio due to all the commercials. In fact, I have XM on as I write this.

    I no longer buy music downloads, and get my beloved SF Giants everywhere now! Baseball is just fine via radio.

    I won't give it up as long as I live in the States.
  6. Name your five favorite channels :

    1) Howard 100
    2) NFL Live
    3) 80's
    4) Blue collar comedy ( ron white kills me!)
    5) Pulse
  7. Sirius and XM radio are available free in stripped down versions to Dish Network and Direct TV subscribers repsectively as part of the bundled package. I take the audio feed from my Direct TV satellite receiver eslewhere in the house and feed into my trading office stereo system for background music. It cost zero and I find the commercial-free programming of better quality than the Chicago broadcast stations. I use an infrared remote relay to switch channels. It makes the 6-hour trading day a lot more enjoyable.
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    That is funny. I felt the same way and I got a new car last year with XM I got my wife a new Jeep at the same time and it came with Sirius. I just bought a 2 yr subscription for XM in my car and her 2 years in her Jeep. Plus I got the Sirius boombox for my trading office. I am loaded down with this stuff. Sirius has the better music channels and Howard Stern but XM has better comedy and traffic channels. Love them both.
  9. sirius rocks.

    love it!
  10. Sirius is very nice. During the trading day, I logon thru their website to listen. You don't get as many stations on the online version, but it is nice that they offer that as well.

    Personally Octane 20 is my favorite. Very good to keep the adrenaline flowing during the day.
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