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  1. One more, its research night tonight.

    My price target on SIRI is $3.39. Head and shoulders on the chart now complete. Expansion of positive volume and two large white candlesticks telling. RSI trending up.

    Long it now and dump it at 3.39.

    The formula for the head and shoulders is

    4.17-3.45= .72

    3.45-.72= =$2.78

    Actual= $2.72

    $4.06-2.72= $1.34

    1.34/2= $0.67

    $0.67+2.72= $3.39 target price

    This should be a retracement rally off of the former pattern. After it hits target, then we might see another pattern that will direct us next as to what to do.

    estimated 5-10 days until price target
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  2. I hope you right and make Big Money but for me, I might buy some SIRI when it gets down to 5 Cents.

    Ever since Howie come on board, SIRI stock go nowhere but SOUTH.

    Howie and Mel only ones making $$$$$ IMO!
  3. SIRI earnings are Tuesday before the bell. Wonder if she will see 3.50 by then...POS stock.:mad: