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  1. Why do I feel bullish on this? Anyone else?

    I feel the merger with XM will happen plus hit a 52 week low recently. I feel below 3 is a bargain. I mean even if it doesn't merge with xm, how much worse can it get?

    Maybe just a gut feeling, I don't know.

    I like to think this stock tanks just cause of Sterns salary.

  2. I think the risk/reward below $3 is pretty good too. SIRI and XMSR have been getting pummeled everyday since the merger was announced. I think a brief move back to the $3.50 area is coming, and it could see $5-$6 overnight if the merger was approved.

    On the other hand, if the merger was blocked I think it would trade sub $2.
  3. This is why people lose money in stocks. Dont buy scrap like siri. Look at the chart and the financials. It is a piece of ****

    It could drop to 2.85-a 3 percent loss.

    The last bottom was around $2 so you see there is plenty more downside

    stay away
  4. Weird seeing it go up today. I have no position currently.
  5. Cramer pumped on CNBC. I would dump it on that move. Many new bagholders getting reeled in....
  6. Let's not forget, Cramer also said the LEND buyout was "as ironclad a deal as I've ever seen".

    How did that work out?