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  2. I am in XMSR for those specific reasons, But in reality SIRI programming is more advanced as well as appealing to consumers including myself. I also believe that in the long term most XM subs will switch over to SIRI.
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  3. funny way to put it. Mel is old but wise. And in turn has a COMPLETE strategy for his company and i do see hints of it turning around, But i still stay skeptical. I'm just a little concerned to see where the bottom is.
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  5. I happen to LOVE sirus in my car. However, the stock.. Eh, its going no where. The Stern deal was a waste of money.
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    so, if you were long would you sell the gap up tommorow? (i'm not involved with SIRI)
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  9. No. But than again it depends on your trading style really. Because there will be two scenarios. Either you had the great foresight to pick this up the last week or two as it was trending to lower lows. Now you have a super sweet entry point in which you could put on a very loose stop to see the trade through and really give it a chance to develop.

    The other scenario is you have been a true investor of SIRI and ridden it down and maybe even bought more shares as they were heading lower, so you would like to at least break even or possibly make a profit, or perhaps you believe in the whole buyout theory.

    I am still on the fence though with this particular play. Yes the earnings news that just hit today is HUGE. But the enormous stock float on this thing kind of reminds me of WCOM back in the day. It takes a ridiculous amount of buying to move this thing. But I am betting that most people got caught with their pants down on this one. Because if you look at the price action on this stock the last month, it was pretty much telling you that the + earnings cash flow was not going to happen.
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  10. any guesses as to the price action ?

    $3.80 ? $4.00 hit at some point tomm or only $3.60 ?

    also ... if any of these numbers are hit ... would it be in the
    early am "gap higher" or late in the day towards the close

    or both ?
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