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  1. Does anyone agree that if SIRI does not show positive cash flow in the first quarter of 2007 the stock price will drop to about $2.00?
  2. Sorry, we cant be talking about penny stocks.
  3. I think the stock moves up from here immediately regardless of cash flow. I believe the last two week drop was totally due to tax selling. Of course I could be wrong.
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    SIRI has almost a $5B market cap. Why would you call it a penny stock?
  5. The only people who do "tax selling" before the end of the year is to realize a loss on a dog of a stock that they don't think is coming back.

    I'm not saying SIRI won't rally, but I still don't understand why you wouldn't want to be in XMSR. It's chart pattern is vastly more bullish, their revenue is better, their holiday is better, and their early focus on OEMs (rather than consumer electronics) is going to pay off in a big way. If the sector rallies (you argued in the other thread that "everyone" will want a satellite radio), XMSR is set to massively outperform.

    But I've made that argument before--let's hope we're both right. :)
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    This was the same call you made on 12/15 in the previous SIRI thread. You figure you'll just keep calling a bottom until you get it right?


    12-15-06 03:35 PM

    This stock has been an absolute dog but we have had a triple bottom on this stock, and it is begining to show signs of strong momentum.

    I have been trading this stock all year, mostly on the downside, but it is definitely time to be long on this sucker.
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    you are kidding me? XM is a horrible product compared to SIRI, XM got a jump on siri only reason it has more listeners at the moment. in canada where they were equal timing siri kills XM. all XM has is GM products, siri, well the rest vw, dcx. you see siri at all events and xm is no where to be found with horrible programming and no sports and no nascar. and of course stern.
  8. So, if you ignore 90% of the market and that XMSR has a "first to market" advantage in that 90%, then SIRI is better?

    SIRI has Stern, but that didn't make any difference. XMSR still outpaces SIRI in new subscribers and did both before Stern and after Stern.

    But you're right, I heard that in Des Moines, IA, SIRI is totally crushing XMSR. From that, we can extrapolate SIRI is going to TOTALLY WIN!
  9. Its a joke. Siri has earned the right to be a penny stock however. Its a total disappointment. That guy Mel may be a hit in the radio industry, but as for a businessman, it seems like he could do a lot better.

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