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  1. Is it true they pay Howard Stern $100 million a year?
  2. TimP


    had heard his total long-term contract is valued at $100MM.
  3. thanks.
  4. Five year contract for 500 Million, but that includes all the expenses/salaries of running his show.

    Let's say he has a 30% profit margin, he'll take home 30 million a year. We'll never know exactly what he takes home, but it's not 100 Million a year.

    He deserves every penny. If you're the best/most innovative at what you do you should be the highest paid.
  5. Not always. You must also execute well and market yourself. But generally, yes.

    I'd have to disagree there. He is not the best, nor the most innovative, in his field.

  6. I personally don't care for Mr Stearns nor do I listen to him but I did recently purchase some Sept 7.5 CALLS on Siri....Siri seems just recently to have come back from the dead...